Mesh Fencing

Mesh Fencing For Schools and Businesses

Mesh fencing not only adds a layer of security around the perimeter of your premises, but the gaps in the fence also provide a clear line of sight for CCTV cameras to penetrate. The gaps also allow wind to pass through without resistance so you do not need to worry about the fence collapsing in high winds.

However, mesh panels do keep intruders out. Wire meshing has a galvanised core wire which is ultra-strong, durable and designed with anti-climb patterns which make the fence impossible to scale. Our mesh fencing solutions, therefore, present a cost-effective security solution for schools and businesses in Kent, Surrey, Sussex, London & The South East.

We also supply a choice of posts in either concrete or steel, together with vertical or cranked extensions should you wish to add barbed wire or razor wire at the top. We can even arrange to have the posts finished for you in green or brown colours to blend in with your surroundings.

Premium-Quality Mesh Fencing and Installation Services

Countryside Fencing takes pride in delivering premium-quality products and first-class service. Our welded mesh panels are constructed from steel which offers resilience, durability and unmovable stability. The core is covered with either a dip-galvanised or plastic-coating to prevent the steel from rust and keep maintenance to an absolute minimum.

Our professional technicians also ensure your mesh fence is installed to the highest quality standards. It will not collapse when force is applied and is tough enough to absorb forceful impacts Countryside Fencing has over 25 years experienced in the installation mesh fencing in Kent, Sussex and Surrey since. We are confident you will not be disappointed with our products or our service.

Countryside Fencing install Mesh Fencing across Kent, Surrey, Sussex, London and the South East. 

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