Site Hoarding

Heavy-Duty Steel And Wooden Site Hoardings

HSE regulations give construction companies no option other than to erect site hoardings. However, you still have the responsibility to install hoardings that are fit for purpose, provide security for your property and protect passersby from safety hazards. Countryside Fencing offers a choice of steel or wooden hoardings to ensure you have the best option for your needs.

Our full site hoarding service gives you a choice of durable hoarding signage and ensures you meet official guidelines. Not only does our premium hoarding help to prevent the theft of tools and equipment, but it’s also suitable for restricting unauthorised personnel from entering the construction site and avoids financial loss due to compensation claims for an injury that would have been prevented.

Not only that, but you can use the ample space for advertising purposes, raising brand and project awareness or even concealing your masterpiece until you are ready to unveil the new building to the public. And because site hoarding is simple to install, our team of highly-skilled professionals will make sure the commencement of your building project does not suffer any unnecessary delays.

Full Site Hoarding Service

It makes good business sense for construction companies to purchase site hoardings you can use on multiple projects. Renting hoardings is not a cost-effective long-term solution. Buying your own hoardings is a measurable overhead whereas hired hoardings can tip you over your budget limit if your project runs beyond the deadline date.

Investing in site hoardings also enables you to customise the outside as you see fit. A key benefit is to use site hoardings as advertising boards to promote the project, engage the community and create a buzz before the grand opening.

Countryside Fencing provides a holistic service and takes care of everything on your behalf. Our knowledgeable staff will address your needs and advise you of your best options, arrange any marketing requirements and install the hoardings on-site on an agreed date. We’ve handled countless site hoarding projects and pride ourselves on delivering a reliable and trustworthy service.

Countryside Fencing install site hoarding across Kent, Surrey, Sussex, London and the South East.

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